April 8, 2017

Ghost In The Shell, waited too much?

Yes, but by a good reason and me personally I am happy that they've postpone the movie for later.

I have watch a review of a very popular YouTube reviewer of video games and recently movie and trailers, Angry Joe. Recently he release a video review of him and his friends speaking about recently released and probably waited from so long, movie based on, for some people icon manga(and comics) Ghost In The Shell. A movie about concept of humanity becomes cyborg and issues related to involving technology in such level in human world.

Angry Joe is making review by it's on way by mentioned everything he likes and dislikes and giving rate of video games and movies. So I am not a big fan, but yes I am watching him sometimes for certain stuff like video games. In his Ghost In The Shell review, start with, how the waiting for this movie was long. I have to agree that I would like to watch that movie already and even series on a TV will be something that I would watch. But hey, there were The Matrix right? If watch Ghost In The Shell manga and The Matrix movie back then, you might spot some similarity. So we've didn't get without this kind of movie within the time, before original Ghost In The Shell hit the theater.

Yes we waited so much to watch Ghost In The Shell movie based on the original manga animation. It had to be created early to fill the spot. However while The Matrix was a master piece with the visual effects. What if Ghost In The Shell arrived at early stage without some of the visual effects that are available right now? It won't be that good in my opinion. The movie now looks astonishing. Visually it's amazing and I am happy that they took the opportunity to create the movie when the cinematographic is now reaching nice results on a big screen. If the movie was released early without able to create at this level some of the visual effects, I think the movie won't able to tell the story in it's way.

Anyway everyone have opinion and it's like the ass, everyone have it. Feel free to leave your commentary below and let me know what you think if Ghost In The Shell came later.

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