May 9, 2015

Windows sound stuttering

Hello, recently I got bug when  I play video or listening some music on my PC. I am worried about this issue not came from my PSU malfunction. Since I've chance my CPU to greater. So I decide to make a google search and check if people already found solution about it. So far on first result I found Tom's Hardware thread with similar issue. Here is what people found as solution. Also check the discussion in case you want more information.
I found a solution that worked instantly to stop the stutter: stop the Service called wmpnetwk.exe [Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service]

To do this:
1. Start task manager (right-click the taskbar and select task manager)
2. Go to the Services tab and click on Services at the bottom right - you may need to provide the admin password
3. Find the process "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service". Right click it and select Stop
I hope this works for you too!

Okay, I know this is way way way past when you this was going on but I found this flushing thing you were talking about. Unfortunately for me it's already unchecked but I'll share my discovery in hope it will solve this for others. First in system properties go to advanced system setting and then device manager under the hardware tab. Once in the click the drop down arrow on the disk drives and locate your primary hard disk, right click and hit properties. Now under the policies tab is the setting I believe you were referring to. Sorry if this was useless but I hope it wasn't.

I don't know how much helpful is this but it was in the latest post

Also you can check some of the google results with video. But decide yourself if they are helpful.

Check aslo

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