October 1, 2012

HP Folio 13 The Ultrabook thin notebook

Version 1.0

After invasion of Asus and Apple on netbook market, HP decided to get on this battle-field. After HP announced rethought that abandoning production of computers for end users. At the beginning of 2012, HP release a brand new series of thin laptops for end user. With that product, HP will try to take their possition on the netbooks market. And so HP Folio 13 has been announced and it was provide me for review at March this year.And so HP Folio 13 has been announced and at March I had the opportunity to test it.

Yes, unfortunately this article should had been ready more early, but the publishing was delayed by some more important projects. Anyway... if you already been read some review of HP Folio 13, you can compare my impression of laptop here and in my video review.

I allowed myself most of this article to do a comparison between HP and Folio and Apple Macbook Air. Although it is another operating system, however, and Macbook Air a laptop is. It's not about comparing the operating systems and how they work with the hardware and functionality of the laptop. Apple is the company established itself in the market standard of thin and light laptops.

Business or user needs
The laptop is more designed for office use, but you can run some other games. But don't expect performance. The laptop is designed to give you more mobility than any productivity. Software such as image and video editing, rendering, or floating-point programs could not be eligible. But I'm sure you can successfully run the Adobe Photoshop 5.5, and be able to do some simple job as long as you do not need a lot of memory (RAM). Laptop gives you mobility and allows you to carry it everywhere with you, not a performance.

Size and body details
Aluminum body have become very fashionable. Have made important contributions in the cooling of laptops and tablets. Aluminum as a matirial, have better heat than plastic. By increasing the aluminum body the laptop stay cool. This increases the life of the semiconductor elements and fans.
The laptop weighs is 1.5 kg by specifications. For comparison, the model with the high performance and larger screen MacBookair of Apple, weighs is 1.35 kg. by specifications.
So thin, thin, how thin it is? By specifications and by my measurements made with sophisticated technical devices that are used only in technology labs, the laptop is about 1.80 cm. When you open the lid. the laptop becomes even thinner, about 1 cm :) Actually Foli is about 1.75 cm, as is the Macbook Air.

However, you would like, you can improve the laptop performance by ordering extra RAM. Some applications requiring load libraries and other files or just different applications occupy a huge amount of RAM, even some internet streaming.
Quite a good relationship between the processor, memory and hard drive. CPU Intel i5 Core, allowing full use memory bus speed of 1333 MHz. SSD drive is able to take the read-write applications and not overflow the I/O (input-output) process. Which ensures rapid transfer of data between the CPU, RAM and SSD. And guarantees better work. But that does not mean that there are more productive. Productivity is another category that is determined by the overall performance of a computer. In case you can not put such a high-performance laptop video carts for example, so as to play your favorite games or manipulate 2D or 3D images using floating point programs. As already mentioned above.
The laptop has one SODIMM memory slot, but I could not get additional information to you on this slot. Is it a free or not memory slot. As far as the specification can be understood slot supports up to 4 GB of memory. Probably free (expansion) slot for additional memory. My assumption is that additional memory is placed in this one SODIM slot and the available momery comes with laptop has been integrated in the mainboard.

Recently led as a light source, now established as a source of images. To truly be a revolution, in terms of consumption of electrical energy. The Laptop comes with LED display and mirror matrix. Really mirror matrix contributes to a better image (or at least create the illusion), but unfortunately, when the source of back light mirror mold began his evident shortcomings. What else, if you transform your balcony or patio in to office. Then you surely will not able to receive a  good visability of image. However the matrix of HP Folio has somekind of improvements in this issue.
Another question is about size matters. I have discussed with many people using small or portable laptops, what is the perfect display size. It turns out that 13 inches (diagonal) is the amount that is given as a minimum value of portable laptop. Portable/Mobile Laptops with screens 13 inches are relatively compacted than those with less than 13 inches. HP have placed right here. Compacted laptop, but also suitable for display with a native resolution of 1366 x 768.

Battery life
What is very interesting about this laptop. A 9 hours battery life. It is really great about this laptop. As far as I remember Nokia booklet offer up to 11 hours by specifications, battery life. It's a whole day.
Folio's battery is a 6 cell, suggesting more durability.
It seems that HP wants to compete in the market for "thin" laptops. But many have many competitors, except Apple, Samsung are now firmly in the market and also have a lot of fans.

Pretty clean and simple design. HP has tried to put everything in harmony. The colors of the casing and keyboard are in perfect harmony. The black touchpad is in great harmony  and smoothness. Clean design is relaxing and distracting the user. IBM is one of the manufacturers which can be standard for clean design on their laptops they produce. Smoother details. HP Folio has the same smoother details.

Woh much?
Base price announced by HP is about $999. The most expensive Macbook Air is about $1,499, the cheapest, but with 11 inches display Macbook Air is about $999. HP offers 13 inches display for less money.

Is it worth?
As I mention above, it is a business oriented laptop. Which means that it is consistent with the needs of people involved in business. In just office work. Of course, if you're looking for a laptop and wondering what to take, HP Folio 13 si an alternative for a mobile laptop. Most small laptops or tablets are mobile, but not productive and not options that give you PC/Laptops. However, the laptop batteries lifes more than 2 hours are less occurs.

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