March 24, 2011

A-DATA Superior SH 93 portable waterproof and shockproof external harddrive

Version 1.0

A-DATA release an external rubber covered hard drive. It is portable size 2.5 inch with 5200 rpm. With USB 2.0 interface. A-DATA is one of leader provider of external hard drives with 2.5 and 3.5 size. A-DATA also provides RAM and flash memory (micro SD).
This portable external hard drive are in sale with 320/500/640 GB capacity. The price is in range $60 - $90. It depends on capacity.

Drive is entirely rubber covered. And also the USB port is rubber protected by rubber cover.
Something great about this rubber design is snap-in design to snap-in the USB data cable to disk case. By this design you will not worry to wear data cable separately. It will be always on attached on disk case while you are not playing with drive.

A-DATA are trying to impress their customers by waterproof and shockproof of this external hard drive. By rubber cover, hard drive is water resistant and also it is shock protected. You can take a shower with it without carrying that it can be wetted. No I'm kidding of course.

This rubber covered is only to improve wet and shock protection of your drive.
Even more the drive do not get hot or warm while I transferred to drive mount of 100 GB. I expected the drive to be hot or warm by rubber cover. But obviously it rubber cover do not hold drive in hot temperature.
Any way this is my opinion. Drive is really great! It proves its money.

Also here is my unpack video. And I found in a video of real disk water resistant and shockproof testing. So enjoy the video and leave your comments.

Here is also some storage solutions from HITACHI, suitable for Apple products. G-Technology 

A-DATA Superior SH 93 external portable hard drive unpack and review

Waterproof and shockproof testing

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