December 3, 2010

UDK - Unreal Development Kit. Free 3D editor

EPIC Games release their 3D engine for free non-commercial use to all their fans.
You can use it and download it from the office web site of UDK.
It is very awesome! You can everything you imagine!
The 3D editor is very easy to use. Also you can find a free video tutorials of  "How to use" provided by EPIC Games.
UDK is very powerful 3D development tool. UDK also include Unreal Engine Script. By it you can bring live to everything.
There is already some games created by UDK. On of them is DUST 514. It is a 3D shooter version of massive online multiplayer game EVE Online.

Unreal Engine provides ability to create a full game. Make 3D effects. Create 3D videos.
UDK include full library with textures, effects, characters and so on...

Here is a new Unreal Engin demo

You can also visit Unreal Technology and EPIC Gemes official website.

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