November 13, 2010

How to make money from your web site

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This is the question that many people looking for.
I'll try to give an answer of this question by my opinion.

Ok let's start from the beginning. What is a web site? And how I can build it without knowledge and without money investment?

There is so many ways to build your website without money investment and web development and web design knowledge or skills. There is many web site provide you a way to build a simple web site without above requirements. You can start with some money investment or you can start without any money just, invest your free time. Yes time is expensive too. But it is a free resource you can use.

WIX and BlogSpot provide that service to you. provide a simple web builder. You can choose a web site template from the library and then customize it as you like. BlogSpot is а blogging system. Which provide you a CMS (content management system). By CMS you are able to manage a design of your blog, the content of your blog. The blog system is a web site, which give you a way to create a simple web site looking page. The two system provide you also an URL link for your visitors. For example
They looks little longer and not very easy to remember.

There is also more advanced way for people who have more experience and more time to do a their own web site.
You can register your own similar free domain name from DynDNS. The DynDNS provide sub-domain name registration of their domains. For example htp:// By this way you can connect your WIX, or your blog site, with this sub-domain name, and people who wants to visit your web site just will type the above URL name to reach your web site. Which looks very similar to real domain name buy it from some register like GoDaddy.

Ok let's say that you already decide how to create your web site. So... what is next?
Every web site have some idea to exist. Your web site idea should be connected to your web site content. What I mean? The right way to make a web site which can make you money is the way you share with a people who visit your web site, your opinion. But what opinion should you share? 

Here is the main thing you should thing about it before you do your web site. The content of your web site should present your opinion. Opinion of what? This is a good question. Everyone have a hobby or interest of something, or in your job to share opinion with other is important. What I am trying to say is your web site content could be everything you like and everything that other looking for. You can fill your web site contents, with information in your favorite comunity. Like movie, songs, techologies, hobbies, national policy, computer science, cars, sports, entertainments, movie-star, pop-start, rock-start, rap-start, football-start, food and drinks, consultant, business, development, travelling and many many many other stuff.

What is a content? As a say above this is a main stuff which people try to find in web. The content is like a magnet for all visitors. They just looking for information if their interests. And you just provide your opinion, knowledge and information you have. By this your web site get to be visited. As much interesting content you provide for your visitors, as much your web site will be popular. And this is the main idea of money making. As much traffic your web site generate as much profit you can make. Just thing abut that Google is your friends

Traffic? How to make more traffic? There is a simple answer for this question. SEO!
Search Engine Optimize. Google is a seach engine like many other search engines: AskJery, Altavista, Yahoo. So you should inveigle these search engine to guide piece of their traffic to your web site. Or with simple words, your web site should be appear at first 10 or 20 result places of searching.

How to reach this places? Here is exactly meaning of word SEO. You should optimize your web site for the search engine. But should I optimize, you may ask.
Let say you are trying to find some tutorial about how to make a simple web site or what exactly is a web site. So you are going to open your favorite browser. Than brows to Google and type your searching criteria. And after Google find some web page for you, Google will show it in his results. And you will expect from one of that results to be the result you looking for. But what you expect? Of course information. The information could represent in web site by text, pictures, videos, sounds. And this is four elements which you expect to find in the result. It possible to not all four element to represent some information. Some time it is enough the information you looking for to be represent only by some text or picture or both in combination.
You should optimize your given information in the content for search engines. It is better to fill your web site content in most case with these four elements of information. You should pick over your content. Also Google provide valency word tool called Wonder Whell . This tool can shols how much this word is popular. Also provide you advice to for word phrases suitable for your web content according you word searching.
Even more you can guide visitors traffic not only from a search engine. You can promote your web site in all internet social networks. Like: FaceBook, Yahoo, Twitter, MySpace Skype, ICQ and many more. There you can share link to your web site with your friends. Even more you can exchange link between your web site other web site. Just free little space in your web site for site of your friends, partners and then request them to do same.
OK let say you are already understand the first part of this article. Let say \you have already a WIX site, or a blog, or you were able to invest in web development and web design and create your own web site.

What is next? To pick over and prepare your content for some time forward. Of course good site have a good information and userfriendly design. Try to make this best. You should analyze your web site traffic. This could be done by Google Analytics. It show you how much traffic comes to your web site and from where. It is direct or guided from search engines. Which page of your web site is most popular. Which pages are more visited. By this analyzing you can prepare your next content better. And modifying your web side, design, pages organize and etc. Also you can found any trend word currently in web space by Google trends tool. This could help to your web site content to be more actual. By filling it with some trend words found by Google. You can also check how much some trends is popular and where is popular by great Google Trend Serarcher.

There is many other ways to make your web site popular. To be optimized for search engine. But way you need so much of this popular?
Here is the main question! When you already have a constant traffic to your web site or even more a followers then it comes the final step of money making. First you should know that all thing depends from you.
This traffic I mention can make money for you. But how the visitors makes money for me from my web site?
There is a company or commercial web site offer you an opportunity to earn money from your web site. They will pay you if the traffic you generate by your web site to reach their commercials. They wants from you only a free space on your web site to put their commercials. You should organize your web design to provide space for commercials. There is a many ways to separate space for commercial in your site. But how it looks that commercials? Good example of that commercials is a  GoogleAdsenceGoogleAdds (also check google adsense blog). They are just a simple banner or a simple links which appear on your web site. They could be well combined with your web site design or even more to be included in your content.

Not only Google provide this opportunity. There is a many web site offers you to earn of money. Even more there is a company not which just looking for some well traffic site to put their banner or link and ready to pay you for every click. You can search for companies who offer affiliate programs. This a simple piece of their own web site, which will show up in your web site. By this way your web site get to be part of their activities and be paid for the traffic you generate to their sites, though their stuff on putted in your web site. For example, many travelling companies looking for well traffic web site, to put their booking form. So when someone book a bus, plain or rent car from your web site through travelling booking form, the travelling company will pay you for this booking.

What about Facebook? As much link brings to your web site as much Google will index your site. Face has a strategic point in distribution your site. You can create own page in Facebook as your profile. Post and public as a page in Facebook you can promote your web address of your web site. Also is best way to post links from your blog, vlog or web site. Also you can link your Facebook page your blog, vlog or web site by Social plug-in distributed by Facebook. You could put on your sites a Like, Send, Subscribe, Comments, Activity, Feed, Recommendations, Like Box, Login Button, Registration, Facepile, Live Stream buttons lead to your Facebook page.

Let's make s small review of the above.
Make you own web site, or just use web site which provide you free and simple way to do this. Make your design to allow commercials, banners, links to be added, with no any content interruption. Prepare your web site content. Promote your web site in most social networks and other else. Choose your key word to be included in your content and web site codding. And after you start generate much traffic, choose a way to your web site to work for you.

Here is the steps to succeed:
-build a web site
-build web content
-userfrinedly web design
-promote your web
-traffic generating
-commercials, banners, links, booking or other forms
And after this components start working in proper way you will start making money from your web site.

Even more, try to start with some small web page or blog. Experiment with it. Once your site start count about 100 visited per day, than you can start invest your in upgrade or modifying it. Put some flash or java media content, like game and etc. Something to keep visitors attention.
One more tips. Once you have a profitable site, make sure to make another one, connected to the first. After that start thing for another like. And so on finally you will have network of your own web sites, working for you. Start from simple and make your internet web site network.

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