July 11, 2010

Powerful computer. AMD ASUS NVIDIA

In this post I will present you a computer configuration which put together for a friend who is enthusiast of overclocking and powerful Desktop computers. I will present a configuration designed for games that require high performance. Configuration components themselves are selected for this purpose. As price is not the most expensive and most of the components are no longer the latest. But first impressions and the results are close to current high budget configurations. In this configuration are combined long forgotten combination of AMD CPU and video processor NVIDIA. A few years ago it was the most desired combination of gaming machines. A lot of gamers configurations, used in combination these two brands though and Intel to market the best processors and ATI has not yet been bought by AMD offer competing video chipsets. But as AMD bought ATI, MainBoards with AMD chipset have been intended mainly for video graphics with ATI video chipsets. So do not you drive over to wonder what the configuration, here is the list of components involved in building a computer:
Monitor: LG LCD W2486L

First impressions are found after the computer is put together. It took me less time and not obscure works, where to put what, where included, how to plug-in. Let started with a box which is Asus - ATX box format. The Chassis have lattice left, front and part of upper, sides panels. The box goes with extra fans: one illuminated in blue light, the front palnel at the periphery, another on the back side and two on the service panel also illuminating. These elements assist cooling the internal air flow and maintain a low level temperature. The case has a screwless, attachments for peripherals such as HDD, CD / DVD or Floppy. There are front panel, for the Floppy, which is also threaded. Front panel cables, which are conclusions as 1394, USB and audio jacks for headphones and microphone are properly collected in different bundles and labeled for convenience and arrangement, and mainstreaming them to MainBoard-a. All that is prevalent in the mix of black and gray for the chassis and peripheral cables. The location of power supply unit (PSU) is the standard upper chassis. The case is sold without PSU. It is probably implies that power supply unit will be elected as required by the configuration, as in the case must be SLI certified for greater reliability and performance. Asus TA-M1 is ergonomically designed and very good air conduction. All this is a combination of screwless grip for different components (such as video, audio or additional interfaces). Well-marked and complies with the length of the cables to external terminals. Simple design of the case with additional elements that add grated ergonomics and help cooling the internal temperature of your computer. By my opinion the case quite meet the requirements for a high budget computer.

The motherboard is the ASUS 2010 year model. It has the most important peripherals: AM3 socket, nForce SLI 750a chipset, 4 x DDR3, 2 x PCI-E x 16 (SLI x 8), 2 x PCI 2.0, 1 x mini PCI, 8 adio chanel, 8+1 phase and more many other new technologies such as CoreUnlock, which appear in new models (produced and marketed since mid-2009) motherboard. It is the most recent models, but it meet the technology configuration requirements. The new motherboards has support DDR3 triple chanel, ie tri-channel memory. In the equipment of motherboard include SLI bridge, saving the inconvenience of the absence of such supplied with the adjacent video card. Motherboard does not include much gadgets which probably would contribute to some stability in his work and productivity.

CPU or the heart of the system is the best series: AMD PHENOM II by 4 Cores, model 965, Black Edition. This is the best processor before Phenom II X 6 from AMD. CPU Phenom II x 4 is 3.4 GHz running on an initial setting, include cache L2 - 2MB, cache L3 - 6MB, 45nm technology, 125W consumption. The processor is one of the most powerful AMD's market now also price / performance are justified.

Kingston HyperX memory kit 3 x 1GB/1600MHz one of the overclocking  model of Kingston, which fits quite well to the colour of rest components :) For starters memory operate on a pretty good Frequency - 1333MHz, without any additional settings in BIOS. This satisfying the needs of the system as a whole, for its work. But do not forget, however, the frequency of the bus depends on the motherboard, memory and the CPU.
Upgrade: 2 x 2GB/1600MHz same Kingston HyperX. Now capacity of RAM is 8GB.

PALIT GTX 260 SONIC (896). These are the two things that contribute to the configuration align for powerful computer. This model of Palit 260 NVIDA GPU, is not the latest that has gone on the market from NVIDA, and has not been so topical. But it is one of the average budget SLI NVIDIA GPU certified, which price / performance are justify. Also comparisons made for it in  GPUReview page with other video cards in this class are meet the  desires. This GPU from NVIDIA comes with 896MB memory. Video cards are covered with integrated copper radiator, which occupies the second slot of the chassis for passing the heat of the radiators by video cards fan pairs.
A separate part of videos card is covered with a plastic housing over the radiator which is typical for video cards of this class. May be someone will degree of uncertainty there is on attachment to the chassis. Fit software that goes to a medium supplied with the video card worked properly for Windows 7, including SLI mode.

The harddrive devices is a standard HITACHI Deskstar 160GB 7200 rpm SATA, which has long been standard for all retail PC. Unfortunately, the motherboard does not support SATA3. For starters is enough space for only the operating system and adjacent software. There is additional harddrive of 1TB capacity again HITACHI Deskstar on 7200 rpm.

And the power that is driving force of all components. When choosing a power supply should really pay attention to the configuration of this caliber. In the ASUS website has a power calculator for the electricity consumption of components. It can help you with your choice of power supply.
  FORTRON EVEREST 1010W is a model which takes care of the power supply for current components in the configuration. FORTRON is SLI certified, which was a major feature in the choice of this power supply. Another is that the output power that provides - 1010W. Only the CPU requires 125W, 200W each video card, making the start 525W. EVEREST 1010W model include arranged power cables. The quantity of cables reaching components and supplied with electricity, can be added or reduced. This type of power supply arrangement rather facilitate them in the case, and reduce excess cables, which can be created. This power supply offers light effects that perfectly complement the colors of the case and components.

The monitor is cherry of this ice cream. Usually the monitors a latest upgraded computer peripherals. Already the prices of TFT-LCD / LED displays is quite affordable. Every new computer is  equipped with 19 "or 22". On the market already has LED displays that are thinner than TFT-LCD, have less electricity consumption, and maintain a high contrast picture. The LG W2486L monitor follow the computer. Monitor has a sleek and ergonomic design. Its black color shifts from black to red color of the stand. It is an excellent complement to the black case of the computer. Monitor features a pretty image by F-Engine, able to light changes depending on what you do when you can surf in internet or watch a movie, or work with documents. The monitor has 3 different video output: D-SUB, DV-I, 2 x HDMI, and audio conclusion. Although the new model, LED displays are still not very suitable for work with image. Processional of graphic design or similar work. When looking at the monitor on level of your eyes, the picture looks normal, but if you change the angle of the monitor are received in the dimming and brightening the top to bottom or vice versa depending on you to watch it on top, or bottom.

Having put together all of the above described components and everything is connected, after the first of BIOS beep, spin and flashing fans rose to monitor the available instructions on accessing BIOS, the ASUS logo and accordingly hardware information. After a quick overview of the BIOS, and small settings and install the operating system (Windows 7 64 bit), and driver software for the hardware, I let game Unreal Tournament 3 test the computer. I installed it, set every video settings to maximum, and take a breath and start the game. This game I did play on slightly older PC with Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz, 2GB DDR and a new video card on AGP slot, provided by SAPPHIIR 3600 with ATI GPU and 512 MB GDDR3 memory. The game went on full video settings, but low resolution - 600 x 800. On some levels of the game felt slow, also in a larger number of bots, get lack of frames (fps).
Once load the game on the powerful pc, in the first five seconds I did not notice who knows what a difference. In the following, however, noticed that the movements are much smoother on the perspective of first person, as the reaction time is increased by comparison with that configuration above. Everything looked pretty crystal. Had effects that at first glance look were not significant, but complemented the main. Just the very way the game has become much lighter. Monitor also contributing to the quality of the picture. Fraps reported a 60 fps, which I think is a good frames. Considering that the Record Demo option was included. I tried and and recording during the game with Fraps, which dropped to around 30-40 fps. The game really has taken this vision that can see from the screen shot-but in full above
For now, these results really expectations. But the real tests lie ahead, which I plan to publish new posts.

 Another game that run is also satisfactory BATTLEFIELD Bad Company 2. The computer handle with this game. This is a relatively brand new game, date of issue in the world was in March 2010. This game is a real test for the configuration above. Maybe not the most demanding (in which I am not sure, but maybe Crysis 2 will require serious computer to support it) run really impressive. Results which facilitated the Fraps I liked a lot, between 25 and 35 fps. The results are in full High settings, Anisotropic x 16Q, Anti-aliasing x 2 at 1980 x 1080 resolution. But frames do not hold the same in recording by Fraps. While recording, it fell to 15 fps, this happened at place with more objects. Something I was interesting is that with greater resolution actually was not as visible lack.

SPLIT SECOND is a game where you become a racing driver - stunt. In the game emphasizes the on the movie effects which you've seen in action movies filled with stunts and explosions. In fact the whole time you are in a television show about racing in which there is a little different from other ravcing makes - you can destroy your opponents car or to get it out of control from the surrounding, track, buildings or other objects beside the track. All this does not happen by accident is caused by player intervention. The game has great performance on the configuration. Video settings enchantments are not VeryHigh, which values are actually the best graphics of the game. Configuration gives rezulatati 30 fps, standing, video settings - High include V-sync. With these values of the video game runs smoothly, without delay, and resolution of 1920 x 1080.

CRYSIS 2 Demo by CRYTEC was used for performance test. Demo of CRYSIS 2 was released  on 1 of March 2011. In demo you are plaing multiplayer on two map on two different game type. Game is realy cool. Any one can donwload the demo free. So it has to be a great perfomance test for this computer. And so the result of this test was very prouded. Configuration handle this game very well. In max graphic settings (hardcore details and resolution 1920x1080) game is running on 35-50 fps. This fremas are enough to play game without any warries about game performances issues. Here is a video of gameplay of Crysis 2 demo.

One of the most used testing software of productivity of computers is 3DMark. Through it you can test your PC performance. Of course there are other softwares for so called benchmark. And as you know I decide to do this test  This configuration is sufficient to meet the tests of 3DMark. The result for the computer is about three times lower productivity than the reported in the Futuremark website in April. As I mentioned earlier in this article, the components involved in configuration are not the latest models nor configuration is most optimal, which may be assembled as a computer with what is on the market. But represents a genuine Gaming configuration - a powerful processor, fast memory, powerful video card and monitor implementation of good picture.

Also suggest that consumers who use Windows Vist / 7 are familiar with Windows Rate Index. This benchmark of Windows, which report your computer result, by assessment takes the lowest figure of the components involved in the outcome. Windows Rate Index gives the calculations based on the processor, memory performance, graphics feature on Windows, 3D performance of your computer (video processor) and the transfer of data on the hard disk. Each of these components gives the results of a scale in which the highest value is 7.9.

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