April 2, 2009

Two Skype Accounts At Same Time

Here is two way to start two instance of Skype. It’s vary by Skype version.

This works on Skype v4
Skype have a command line options. It’s can be used to start secondary skype.
So make a new shortcut for a Skype on your desktop and copy paste this text in the clutch for a path:
<“C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe” /secondary>
Copy as it is with quotation marks and the “/secondary” is the Skype command line options
Step by step it look like this:
On your desktop with right mouse button click, and then from menu choose New then choose Shortcut.
After It’s appear a new windows Create Shortcut. For a path location you can copy and paste the text in the clutch for a path
I wrote if only Skype install path is default. Or type your Skype install path and put it in quotation marks and out of them write
The command line options “/secondary”.
Then click Next. Type the name for new shortcut and then click OK.
Now you can start a new instance of Skype.

This works for Skype v3 and may less or higher.
Create new account with a password in a Control Panel (Start > Settings> Control Panel).
Now go to Skype.exe. By default its location is in C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe
Then with right mouse button click on Skype.exe and from menu choose Run As.
In a appear windows choose start with follow user and type the proper password for this user.
A new instance of Skype will start!

For more info: Development Skype
               Skype Command Line Options

Many of you, maybe are wonder if can make Skype version 4 and 5 to look like Skype version 3. To let separate Skype contact window and Skype user chat windows. Watch the 3rd video clip below and will find the way.

Here is a video tutorials to help you do the above easy.

1. How to start two Skype at same time - Skype 3

2. How to start two Skype at same time - Skype 4

3. How to make Skype 4 and 5 to look like Skype 3

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  1. This is just great! I tried it for skype 4 on Win 7 and it works! Just one remark - for me it worked after I rightcliked in /programfiles/skype/phone on the skype.exe and made a shortcut on the desktop, then I added /secondary , ran the shortcut and voila!